Quicksilver Don't Blink - Streak

Winger x Sprint - 04/01/2001



MACH5 Quicksilver Don't Blink MX, MXJ, TM-Gold, JCH-Bronze, GCH-Bronze, SACH-Bronze, OAC, OJC, OGC, FM, CD, JHD
Owner: Diane Sanders

USDAA National Grand Prix Finalist 2003
10th Place DAM Team USDAA Nationals, 2004
USDAA Steeplechase Finalist 2004
Sub-4 second flyball dog on Regional Champion Team 2003
OFA Excellent

"Streak is a once in a lifetime dog. He is intellegent, biddable and extremely sweet not to mention very well put together. He has never met a person he didn't love, remembers every person he has ever met, and insists on sleepinig on my pillow. He is my first Border Collie and has hooked me on the breed. Streak's favorite past times are agility, herding, obedience and chasing a frisbee or one of my Jack Russell Terriers!."