About Quicksilver

SprintQuicksilver border collies began with one special dog, Winjammers Sprint. Sprint's extreme intelligence, rock solid temperament, and wicked speed, as well as a natural ability to excel at everything she did, drew people to her. Our goal, when we started breeding, was to produce dogs like Sprint, both for ourselves and our friends. Sprint was our own "once in a lifetime" dog, and in turn, she produced dogs who became "once in a lifetime" dogs for their companions. In 2000, we were lucky enough to bring Sprint's litter sister, Hustle, into our lives as well. We are eternally grateful to Pat Morgan (Winjammer kennel) for sending Hustle to live with us. Hustle's immense kindness charmed everyone who met her. Her beautiful structure and working ability made her an outstanding foundation bitch as well.

HustleWe strive to breed dogs who are healthy companions that can excel in everything they do. Our breeding program is small and we try to be very selective about the dogs we produce. We breed border collies, a sheltie or two, and occasionally we breed sport mixes. We live with those, plus a few other breeds. All dogs are rigorously screened for genetic health issues before breeding. Our pups are raised in the house and underfoot. The folks who get our puppies become a part of the Quicksilver dog family, and lifelong friends. Please enjoy looking around our site, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.