Winjammer's Sprint

Sprint's Pedigree



ADCH Winjammers Sprint FGDCH, OA, AXJ, CDX, HRD-1, W-MFD

DOB: 05/27/1994

Sprint is the heart of Quicksilver. She was ther reason we have Border Collies. Her intelligence, astonishing personality, speed, athleticism, and ability to reproduce her own wonderful qualities made her truly a once in a lifetime dog. A gift from her breeder, Pat Morgan, to Julie when she was 14, she excelled at every sport. She and Julie were pioneers in the sport of Canine Musical Freestyle, traveling extensively to do seminars while Julie was still in High School. She was the first Border Collie on Fur Fun, when the other "big dogs" were all tervs. Fully trained as a service dog, she helped Deb do demos for Paws With A Cause. She got Julie started doing Agility, and produced some of the most famous dogs in the agility world.


D'L x Sprint - 08/08/2003

Winger x Sprint - 04/01/2001

Yankee x Sprint - 11/29/1998

Chuck (Roy) x Sprint - 03/12/1997