Quicksilver Licensed to Thrill - Rush

Winger x Sprint - 04/01/2001



ADCH Quicksilver Licensed to Thrill PT MX MXJ SACH-Bronze SCH-BRONZE EAC JCH-Bronze RCH Bronze EJC TM-Gold EGCTN-O RS-E JS-E GS-E TT STDs
Owner: Lisa Dewey

Thank you very much for allowing Rush come into my life. When I decided to get a BC puppy, I wanted a puppy who possessed many characteristics….biddability, drive – yet with an off switch, social, affectionate, solid temperament, good structure, and most importantly a little extra in the personality department. Hopefully, also a puppy that would be able to do well in agility, or any other venue I wanted to try our hands in. Rush has not only met these expectations, he has exceeded them. He is such a fun dog to have in my household and is even more fun to train and show. We’ve tried our hand in a variety of sports – from dock diving and herding, to agility, and I even tested him in Schutzhund to see how he would do. He loved doing the bitework, but was ready to play with the decoy as soon as he took the sleeve off, and was no longer the ‘bad guy’. My tight time schedule only allows us to regularly compete in agility, and he has done quite well. He earned his ADCH just shy of his 4th birthday, and we are closing in on his MACH. We’ve had some top 10 standings along the way in USDAA. He even appears in an agility show, and got to make an appearance on the Ellen Degeneres show. Rush brings 100% to everything he does….yet at the end of the day, he’s ready to cuddle on the couch for some special attention time. Every once in a while you are fortunate to get that special dog….Rush is definitely one of those special dogs.

USDAA Nationals Steeplechase 1st Place 2005
USDAA Nationals Finalist 2005
USDAA Top 10 in Jumpers, Standard, and Tournament Standings 2004
USDAA Nationals Semi-Finalist 2004