Offspring Rushin' Roulette

Moose x Tantrum - 05/17/2011 (Border-Whippets)



Offspring Rushin' Roulette - Rouli
Owner: Deb Norman

Rushin' Roulette, AKA Rouli, Rouletski
Favorite activities - being chased by other dogs, bossing everyone around, stealing Passion's ball
Favorite toy - soft frisbee
Favorite place -1) snuggled against Deb's chest at night, 2) her "whippet cave" bed
Favorite person -1) Deb 2) Shelly, best "auntie" ever
Favorite dog - Cooper
Best time -3.942

Deb's first smooth girl. She charms everyone she meets with her sweet personality. She is fast and getting faster.