Quicksilver In The Spot Lite - Jet

D'L x Sprint - 08/08/2002



Quicksilver In The Spot Lite - Jet
Owner: Gail Mirabella

When I first saw Jet at 6 weeks old, I thought to myself..."wow, look how bonded he is to Julie." He had no interest in the other pups or me for that matter, but I interpreted that behavior as, "wow, look how devoted he is to his person" and I thought how wonderful that would be if he was like that with me...and he is. Jet is a super athlete, who can perform everything...agility, dock diving, high jump, flyball, and of course frisbee. Everyone who meets him falls in love with him. His personality will melt your heart and his captivating blue eyes will touch your soul. He is very genuine and will do anything and everything he can to please me and others. I just love him to pieces, together with his looks, brain, and his work ethic, he is the coolest Border Collie I know!"

Gail is a member of the Purina Incredible Dog Team. Her dogs appear regularly in TV and print ads and compete at the top levels in frisbee. Jet has already sired some beautiful pups.