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"The Triangle Dog" Magazine Article: Homestar Runner's Second Wind—by Julie Jenkins

Homestar had a relatively minor fracture in his left rear leg just below the knee. Perhaps due to an ineffectual splinting, his knee was not immobilized and his patella moved around his leg. All the soft tissue attached to his patella then started pulling his other bones in all the wrong directions. The knee specialist recommended amputation, but the ortho specialist gave us hope with a surgery that had to be done immediately to have a chance to make things right (or better at least). We decided the chance of saving his leg and having it be of some use to him was worth the cost, and a good friend loaned us the money for his surgery. The (first and hopefully only) surgery was performed on October 20, 2011 and we are hopeful. The next steps will be a lot of physical therapy and rehab work (at NC State's new facility).


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